Pug Health Issues: Identifying Symptoms & Remedies For Help

Pug Health Issues: Identifying Symptoms & Remedies For Help

by Alan Jackson — 22 hours ago in Health 3 min. read

Pugs are renowned for their charming individuality and distinctive appearance.

They are extraordinary with their charming exteriors and they are open to a range of health issues. Pug owners should be informed of these common pug health issues.

We will explore the most common health problems that impact pugs.

Also, we identify symptoms and provide remedies to ensure the good of your furry companion. But which includes corneal ulcers, dry eyes, and prolapsed third eyelids.

Common Health Issues For Pugs

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Dogs with plane cheeks and short noses are known as brachycephalic breeds. This trait adds to their unique charm.

This pretty much makes them rectifiable to a condition known as Brachycephalic Syndrome.

Because of their constricted airways, this condition can generate breathing problems. Which can cause snorting, snoring, and occasionally even collapsing.

Symptoms: Watch out for signs such as noisy breathing, excessive panting, and reduced stamina in your pug.

Remedies: Keep your pug at a healthy weight to decrease strain on their airways and avoid strenuous exercise during hot weather. Consult your veterinarian for potential surgical options to alleviate severe cases.

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Skin Allergies

Pugs are prone to various skin allergies. Which can cause itchiness, discomfort, and even hair loss. As usual, allergens include pollen, dust mites, and certain foods.

Symptoms: In situations where your pug develops rashes or experiences hair loss frequently might be a sign of a skin allergy.

Remedies: You can consult your animal doctor to know the right allergen and learn treatment options. They can also help you with medications, dietary changes, and healthy foods for your pug.

Hip Dysplasia

It is a genetic condition that affects pugs, causing improper development of the hip joints. It can lead to suffering, lameness, and reduced mobility.

Symptoms: Be mindful of critical signs such as difficulty in getting up jumping or climbing stairs.

Remedies: While hip dysplasia cannot be cured. It can be managed with weight control, physical therapy, and surgical interventions.

Eye Problems

Pugs have leading, bulging eyes, making them more susceptible to a variety of eye issues including corneal ulcers, dry eyes, and prolapsed third eyelids.

Symptoms: Signs of eye problems in pugs include excessive tearing, blinking, and redness.

Remedies: Regularly clean your pet’s eye and keep it free from irritants. Consult your veterinary doctor for proper care.

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Dental Issues

Pugs often suffer from dental problems, including gum disease and tooth decay. Their adorable smushed faces can lead to crowded teeth, making dental hygiene vital.

Symptoms: Bad breath, swollen gums, and difficulty eating can all be signs of dental issues.

Remedies: If possible do visit dental care once a week and ask for some care and take advice like how to schedule professional cleanings or brushes to use.


Pugs have a tendency to gain weight easily. Which can exacerbate many of their health issues. For the good of your pug’s well-being, a healthy weight is essential.

Symptoms: An overweight pug may display reduced energy, difficulty breathing, and joint pain.

Remedies: Monitor your pug’s diet closely and provide regular exercise to keep them fit. Over a week, ask your veterinarian doctor for a suitable diet plan.

Pug Dog Encephalitis

It is a severe neurological disease that predominantly affects pugs. Its exact cause remains unclear. It results in seizures, blindness, and personality changes.

Symptoms: Look for strokes, loss of coordination, and behavioral changes as potential signs of PDE.

Remedies: Unfortunately, PDE has no cure. Your veterinarian can help manage symptoms with medications and supportive care.

Breathing Difficulties

Brachycephalic dogs and pugs are predisposed to respiratory issues. It’s important to be vigilant about their breathing.

Symptoms: Rapid or noisy breathing, excessive panting, and reluctance to exercise may indicate respiratory distress.

Remedies: Assure your pug is kept in a cool environment and avoid strong exercise during hot weather. In order to lessen the burden on their respiratory system weight control is also essential.


By staying informed about the common health issues that affect pugs and recognizing their symptoms.

You can take several crucial steps to minimize the risk. Consider frequent doctor consultation visits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Proper dental and good eye care along with grooming play essential roles in pug health. You can provide your pug with the best possible care in time and significantly reduce risks for common health problems.

Taking good care of your companionship ensures its good health for a long time.


What are the most common health issues in pugs?

Pugs often face health concerns such as Brachycephalic Syndrome, skin allergies, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and dental issues.

How can I prevent breathing difficulties in my pug?

To prevent respiratory issues in pugs, ensure they're not exposed to extreme temperatures and avoid strenuous exercise during hot weather.

What measures can I take to maintain good dental health in my pug?

Regular dental care is crucial for pug health. Implement a dental hygiene routine including brushing your pug's teeth, providing dental chews, and scheduling professional dental cleanings to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

How can I best care for my pug's eyes to prevent common eye problems?

Regular cleaning and proper grooming are essential for preventing eye problems in pugs. Keeping their eyes clean and free from irritants can reduce the risk of issues like corneal ulcers and dry eyes.

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