Which Treatment Is More Suitable For You: Physical Therapy Or Chiropractic?

Which Treatment Is More Suitable For You: Physical Therapy Or Chiropractic?

by Alan Jackson — 7 months ago in Health 3 min. read

If you ask physical therapy or chiropractic a group of 10 people to differentiate between a physical therapist and a chiropractor, hardly would you find up to 3 people who know the difference. And this is why we came up with this write-up to help you know the difference between these two. Also, you get to have a better understanding of what exactly each of these two professionals do.

This way, if you are ever in need of either of their services, you would know the right one to treat your pain or injury.

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Now, by providing comprehensive answers to the following questions, we can help you to make a well-informed decision regarding your treatment. Let’s get right on it.

What Does A Physical Therapist Do?

A physical therapist, otherwise known as a physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who relies majorly on using his/her hands to treat injuries and disorders. They treat these injuries in a way that doesn’t require surgery or medication so the body can get restored to its normal condition. Thus, it simply means that they restore muscle mobility after an accident or trauma may have occurred.

In general, they make use of hands-on methods like exercising, massages, and stretching, so they are often called movement experts. Added to this, they also make use of heat or ice to help with musculoskeletal disorders. Some also use physical or electrical equipment together with teaching self-management methods to improve the patient’s treatment.

With a physiotherapist, you can expect to get:

  • Examination and diagnosis without inquiry into your medical records
  • Recovery goals
  • A mapped-out treatment, recovery, and prevention plan.

What Does A Chiropractor Do?

When most people imagine the work of a chiropractor, what comes to mind is usually spinal pains and cracking bones. But while this is true, it is not all there is to chiropractic care.

In simple terms, chiropractors are health care providers whose focus is to help with neuromuscular disorders. And they do this by realigning the nerves and bones to manage the pain that comes with twisted nerves or out-of-place vertebrae. To do all of this realignment and pain alleviation, they make use of a skill set called chiropractic manipulations.

These chiropractic manipulations usually involve using their hands to find the source of patients’ back pains and adjusting them. Also, they restore joints that seem to have restricted movements. And this skill set of theirs to realign the body and alleviate pain comes after years of professional training and experience.

As a result of this training, they are better equipped to treat problems like neck pain, tension headaches, vertigo, lower back pain, etc. They also help in the examination and diagnosis of the issue while providing a treatment plan as well.

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What is the Main Difference Between the Two Professions?

Now, while these two healthcare practices are very similar, they are distinct in some ways. But the major difference between the two is that a physiotherapist alleviates pain by working with the tissues and muscles. Whereas, a chiropractor on the other hand uses his skill set to manage pain by working with the nerves, spine, and vertebra.

How Do You Make Your Choice?

The decision as to what healthcare provider is more suitable lies in your hands. But depending on some factors, you can make a clear decision. One such factor is what part of your body is affected by the pain.

For instance, if you are experiencing pain in your spine or somewhere related, your best bet is a visit to a chiropractor. But if you are having pains in your joints due to an accident, such as a sports injury, then a physical therapist is a better option.

Final Comments

Both physical therapy and chiropractic treatment can help with managing and reducing your body pain but their areas of specialization differ.

So before making your choice, consider what body part is in pain and make your decision accordingly. Also, a visit first to a qualified physician can help with your choice.

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