The 15 Best E-Commerce Marketing Tools

The 15 Best E-Commerce Marketing Tools

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Top 10 7 min. read

E-commerce marketing tools can help drive more traffic to your online store and increase conversions.

E-commerce has taken off in popularity in the past few decades, and that tendency is not likely to slow down anytime soon. By 2023, the worldwide e-commerce marketplace is anticipated to exceed $6.54 trillion, based on study by Statista.

Whether you are considering starting an e-commerce company or trying to scale a proven company, having the ideal tools is an essential first step. Together with a successful marketing plan, the ideal tools can give you a leg up on your competitors and allow you to develop your business faster.

The types of tools e-commerce businesses need

There are hundreds of e-commerce tools available on the current market, therefore it can be difficult for business owners to understand where to get started. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t require a tool for all; you only need to be certain to have the basics covered.

Which means you just need to Concentrate on those key areas:

E-commerce platform

The e-commerce system you select will have a massive effect on your business’ success. Many services arrive with built-in tools that will assist you manage your shop better, such as premade templates and solutions.

Email advertising

The ideal email marketing agency can allow you to keep building relationships with your viewers after they leave your site. You are able to produce an automated advertising sequence to allow clients know about new products or upcoming earnings.


By focusing on search engine optimization (search engine optimization ), you boost the chances your website will appear near the very top of Google results. By optimizing your site for search, you can raise your natural traffic and find new clients.


All companies have to have a means to track how visitors are participating with their website. The ideal analytics application can help you identify problem areas and increase opportunities.

Social networking

Being busy on interpersonal media is among the most effective methods to publicize your brand and interact with clients. But societal media management may occupy a great deal of time, which means you will want to automate this job as far as you can.

Client Services

It is irrelevant how many clients you discover if you can not keep your existing customers contented. The ideal customer support tool can allow you to make a positive experience for the clients.

Inside every company, there are scores of mundane tasks which may be outsourced or automated. The ideal automation tools will help your company work more effectively and free your time up for more complicated jobs.


Inside every company, there are scores of mundane tasks which may be outsourced or automated. The ideal automation tools will help your company operate more effectively and free your time up for more complicated jobs.

The 15 best e-commerce marketing tools

The kinds of e-commerce advertising tools you use will depend on the dimensions of your organization, your budget and your company objectives. Here are 15 of the very best tools to get you started:

1. Mailchimp

Best for: Email marketing 

Pricing: Free for up to 2,000 subscribers

If you operate a company, you want to get a means to keep in contact with your clients. Mailchimp is just one of the best ways to make that occur.

Mailchimp is a pioneer in email marketing, also it’s among the simplest and most affordable ways of getting started. Your accounts is free for up to 2,000 readers, and you could perform fundamental audience segmentation.

With Mailchimp, it is possible to automate your marketing and advertising efforts to incentivize more clients to make purchases. As an example, you may set automatic reminders for people who leave your shop without making a buy or leave their carts.

2. Ahrefs

Best for: SEO

Pricing: Starts at $99 per month 

Ahrefs is a all-in-one search engine optimization tool which makes it effortless to carry out keyword research, do competition analysis and optimize your own site. Additionally, you do not have to have any technical knowledge of SEO to utilize it efficiently.

When you begin, Ahrefs will crawl your site and establish any search engine optimization problems which will need to be dealt with. You could even find the top-performing content inside your specialty and identify link-building chances.

Ahrefs additionally provides detailed tutorials, which means you will have the info you want to get started using the software efficiently right from the beginning.

3. Zendesk

Best for: Customer service

Pricing: Starts at $5 per agent, per month

Together with Zendesk, it is possible to provide customer care through email, chat, telephone and social websites. This permits you to keep on building a connection with your audience and make certain you provide exceptional service to your clients.

Zendesk is rather simple to establish, and you’ll be able to customize the amount of service for your company’s requirements. The business collects data from each client interaction, and it could even capture response times. This way, you can continue to improve your interactions with clients.

4. SEMRush

Best for: Overall marketing tool

Pricing: Starts at $99.95 per mont

SEMRush explains itself as an all-purpose advertising instrument, and it is a wonderful way to control each component of a marketing effort. Using SEMRush, you are able to monitor your analytics, track your social networking channels and better your own website’s SEO.

You begin by assessing your articles and comparing it to your opponents’. It’s possible to find new key words, uncover new opponents and perform keyword research. You may even track your website’s traffic, qualify prospects and identify new business opportunities.

Besides, you may use the social networking tracker to track your social networking campaigns, in addition to program all your social networking articles in SEMRush and decide which articles is doing the best.
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5. Improvely

Best for: Conversion tracking

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month

Improvely makes it possible to monitor how well clients are switching on your website. The program monitors your site for organic visitors, social networking, SEO and paid advertisements. It makes it possible to identify which marketing channels are functioning best so that you are able to put money into the strategies which are working.

Improvely will also make customer profiles and monitor clients who visit your website. Together with Improvely, you can identify your best clients and learn the life value of every client.

6. Canva

Best for: Graphics

Pricing: Free

Every internet business needs a means to produce eye-catching images, which explains the reason you need to have a look at Canva. Canva is a graphic design tool that is fantastic for individuals of all design ability levels.

It’s possible to use Canva to generate social networking articles, logos and advertising newsletters. Canva offers free templates, in addition to stock photographs, blockers, stickers, icons and contours. You may get started at no cost and update the support as your company develops.

7. Trello

Best for: Project management

Pricing: Free

Trello is a project management tool which you can use to organize your own articles calendar or handle a coming project. It provides you with a bird’s-eye view of your job and is a excellent way to collaborate with other group members.

You begin by developing a brand new board to your own project, and you are able to invite others to join your board. Inside every board are cards which contain details regarding the job. It is possible to use the cards to make to-do lists, label team associates and upload documents.

8. Google Analytics

Best for: Analytics

Pricing: Free

Google Analytics is a free analytics application which could help you better understand the behaviour of your site traffic. Using Google Analytics, you are able to monitor how visitors find your website and the way they interact with your online shop.

You might even use it to acquire real time insights about your own audience. In Addition, the dashboard shows you significant trends and Possible Regions of improvement

9. Zapier

Best for: Automation

Pricing: Free for up to five “zaps”

Among the largest problems many companies have is they utilize many different tools which don’t operate together. As an example, if a person adheres to a live training, just how can you add that person to a email marketing supplier too?

Using Zapier, you are able to transfer information between your site and third-party software effortlessly. Zapier generates a cause stream, known as”zaps,” so the info is routed automatically.

And after your automations are put up, you will have the ability to work more effectively and concentrate on the tasks which will truly move the needle in your small business.

10. Drift

Best for: Chatbots

Pricing: Free to get started

Together with Drift, it is possible to continue to nurture prospective clients even after your company is closed for the day. Drift chatbots can answer queries, schedule appointments and get info about prospects.

You can begin with Drift at no cost and see the way the program would look on your own site, without installing any code.

11. Leadpages

Best for: Landing-page creation

Pricing: Starts at $25 per month

Together with Leadpages, you may produce high quality landing pages, sales pages, pop-ups and awake bars. It’s simple to begin, also Leadpages provides tons of premade, mobile-responsive templates.

Leadpages permits you to monitor how well your content is doing. It’s possible to run A/B split testing and monitor real-time information to track how well a webpage is doing. Leadpages integrates seamlessly together with over 1,000 programs and tools.
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12. AdEspresso

Best for: Ad campaigns

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month 

AdEspresso enables you to make, manage and track advertising campaigns across multiple programs. As an example, you can monitor the results of your advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and Google. This will help save you from always having to change from 1 platform to the next.

Together with AdEspresso, you can choose how granular you need to get when assessing the information from your advertising campaigns. It’s possible to personalize your primary chart so that you monitor just the most applicable data.

Additionally, your effort dash provides actionable insight to how well your campaigns are doing so that you can continue to enhance your own ads.

13. Google Ads

Best for: Online advertising

Pricing: Varies depending on the search network

Many companies begin with attempting to catch as much organic visitors as you can, but at any stage, you might choose to invest in paid advertisements. Google Advertising is among the most effective methods to publicize your company on the internet.

Using Google Ads, you target specific audiences according to their demographics or keywords. Therefore, when a customer is looking for a specific keyword, your service or product will pop up in their search results.

Marketing can be costly, but it is also among the quickest ways to attract targeted visitors back to your site.

14. Shopify

Best for: Plug-and-play e-commerce

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month 

Shopify is a superb choice both for novices and established small business owners. It is possible to set up your online shop with no coding using one of Shopify’s templates.

Each Shopify motif is optimized for cellular, and also the platform enables social integrates and selling with third party marketplaces. You might even utilize the Shopify point-of-sale software for in-house earnings.

However, the very best thing about Shopify is it’s strong enough to grow along with your small business. The business offers three pricing strategies, therefore that it may work for you whatever the period of your company.
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15. WooCommerce

Best for: WordPress users

Pricing: Free to install

If you are not considering a plug-and-play e-commerce alternative for example Shopify, WooCommerce might be a fantastic selection for you. WooCommerce is a plugin which provides e-commerce performance to your present WordPress site, thus saving you from having to fully rebuild your site.

The application is completely customizable and integrates with popular payment processors like Stripe and Square. The plugin is free to set up, but you might need to cover extra customizations.

It is a fantastic time to become an e-commerce enterprise. By finding the proper marketing tool to handle your small business, you can continue to boost your earnings and deliver more value for your clients and leads.

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