Apple IPhone 14 Pro Max - Everything We Know So Far!

iPhone 14 Pro Max Is Apple’s New iPhone To Be Launched In September (Know The Release Date, Specification, Rumour & More)

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  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max is set to release on September 7.
  • This year, Apple will release 4 sets of the iPhone 14 series.
  • The Apple iPhone 14 pro max gravely be the most expensive.

Own iPhone 13 pro max? Well, that gets old soon.

With Apple’s Far Out event, going live on 7th September, the people will witness the new, incredible iPhone 14 along with a couple of hardware announcements.

Apple calls it the “Far Out Event” because the event would be innovation-cracking as iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max over and above the Apple Watch 8 and AirPods Pro 2 is expected to emerge during the event.

Today’s blog is all about Apple iPhone 14 pro max leaks, price, release date, and specifications that our team gathered so far.

What We Know So Far About Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Apple iPhone 14 leaked features

Underneath are iPhone 14 bulletins as a general prospectus, not our conclusion. Get to know what to expect in iPhone 14 including iPhone 14 pro max before attending the event.

  • Starting with the display on the apple iPhone 14 pro max, the display screen is rumoured to continue to feature a 6.7-inch screen integrated with a new notch design (as per the latest leaks) and has always-on display support.
  • Coming to the hardware spec, the pro max would also likely get Apple’s new-era A16 Bionic chipset designed with just a 3nm process. The new chipset integration could mean improved camera performance, overall experience optimization of apps, and more.
  • iPhone 14 pro max is rumoured to have the biggest battery than other iPhone 14 series. The company increased its fast charging but has no strong evidence, hence lagging proof.
  • Leaks and rumours also stated that the iPhone 14 series including the apple iphone 14 pro max will have satellite features. By this means, communication could be carried out using satellite technology. The reason could be the increasing frequency of natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts in recent years.

What is the iPhone 14 satellite feature?

The iPhone 14 series is the only device that will have the satellite feature, which allows users to send emergency text information (messages) to concerned authorities in areas with no cellular service. As Apple completed the hardware testing for this innovative, tech-engrossing feature, the hands-on experience is just a week away

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iphone 14: Leaks, Rumours and Release Date

In this section, you will encounter the latest iphone 14 series leaks about iphone 14 leaks images, iphone 14 leaks price, iphone 14 leaks and rumours, and iphone 14 leaks colour.

Apple iPhone 14 pro max leaks images

Apple iPhone 14 pro max leaks images

Apple iPhone 14 pro max leaks colour

Graphite ⚫️, Silver, Gold, and possibly Purple 🟣 with Green 🟢 are some iPhone 14 series colour expectations based on the current rumour and leaked sources.

iPhone 14 leaks

Apple iPhone 14 price leaks

Based on the expert’s community wordic, the new iPhone 14 series prices are aligned cognitively. The prices for iPhone 14 series are as follow:

  • iPhone 14 (Base) – $749 (INR <60,000)
  • iPhone 14 (Plus) – $849 (INR <68,000)
  • iPhone 14 (Pro) – $1,049 (INR <84,000)
  • iPhone 14 (Pro Max) – $1,149 (INR <92,000)

Apple iPhone 14 pro max release date

The new Apple iPhone 14 series named iPhone 14, iPhone Plus, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max have confirmed a live event date of 07 September 2022. And the booking availability (online and offline) will be available from the next day (Unconfirmed).

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Specification (Based on Market Leaks)

The mentioned iPhone 14 pro max have unofficial preliminary specifications.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Specification (Unofficial)
Network Consist of 2G bands, 3G bands, 4G bands, 5G bands
Launch Expected announcement 2022, September 07
Body Glass front (Gorilla Glass), glass back (Gorilla Glass)
Display 6.7 inches with Super Retina XDR OLED, 120Hz
Platform iOS 16 with A16 Bionic (3nm)
Memory 128GB 6GB RAM, 256GB 6GB RAM, 512GB 6GB RAM, 1TB 6GB RAM
Camera Front and Back with new improvement
Sound Yes, with stereo speakers
Comms WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Radio, USB
Sensors Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer Ultra Wideband (UWB) support
Battery Li-Ion, non-removable, fast charging with wireless technology integrated
Misc Graphite, Silver, Gold, Purple, Green

Disclaimer: The mentioned specification may be hypocritical (may not 100% be true).

Where Does New Apple’s iPhone 14 Be Available To Purchase?

The new iPhone 14 series by Apple will be available publicly after the launch of an event and it will be first available to buy from their official website. At a later date, people may be able to purchase iPhone 14 pro max from the Amazon website.

In conclusion, the iPhone 14 will similarly be available to users as per the iPhone 13 marketing strategy. No new changes accrued till now.

What We Like About the iPhone 14 Pro Max? Is It A Blend of Power, Speed, and Art?

Till now no official, peculiar definition can be given.

However, from the perspective of leaks and rumours that surfaced, we can only indulge in the fact that the new iPhone will be extremely powerful, speedy, and innovative than its previous iPhone versions.

Sneak peek at what our team loved about the iPhone 14 device.

1. Ultrawide camera upgrade

One of the slick things that our team likes about the company is the ‘legacy of improvement’ that Apple graciously moves with innovative technologies and sets examples of inclusiveness.

Apple went from 12MP up to 48MP for the first time and provided an ultrawide camera with a large sensor with bigger pixels for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Leak

2. iPhone 14 Pro 30W charging

iPhone 13 has 20W charging capability that takes the phone to 51% capacity in 30 minutes – impressive…! But not be faster than iPhone 14 as the device comes with a 30W charger using Gallium Nitride.

3. iPhone 14 satellite connectivity

You will experience it for the first time.

iPhone 14 comes with satellite connectivity, meaning, if you are in an area without a cellular network, using satellite communication technology, you can send an emergency text.

Moreover, according to Twitter rumour satellite connectivity could be coming to the Apple Watch 8 Pro, too.

Apple iPhone 14 Leak

4. iPhone 14 Pro notch replacement

Reportedly, iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max will have the new notch design. Based on the rumours, the iPhone 14 pro’s series dual notch placement has been cut to one long pill-shaped design.

Maybe the reason to do so is to make the iPhone 14 display minimalist, optimistic, and good-looking.

5. Apple iPhone 14 pro max colours availability

Well, Apple releases iPhone devices in various colour options.

Eying on the iPhone 13 colour options; Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue, and Alpine Green were available. Hence, iPhone 14 comes with most of the iPhone 13 colour options. Besides, a new colour Purple could be available for the iPhone 14 series.

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Conclusion: Apple iphone 14 Pro Max

Well, that’s all in this blog.

This is everything that we know about iPhone 14 pro max ahead of the expected launch dated September 07.

The truths and experiences will surface online after the launch. The true potential of the Apple iPhone 14 pro max will then only be compared and learned.

Till then, read this blog and share it with more people for wider acknowledgment.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in this blog are collected through market leaks and rumours suggestions. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

iPhone 14 Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the iphone 14 pro max?

Based on rumour sources and experts’ words the new iphone 14 pro max price is near USD 1,149 which is observed as the ever-expensive pro max of Apple.

When is the iphone 14 pro max coming out?

September 07, 2022, is the confirmed date from the Apple community for the launch of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 pro max.

What will the iphone 14 pro max look like?

The iPhone 14 pro max is the most expensive pro max in the line of the Apple iPhone pro’s series family. However, some sources also claim that iPhone 14 prices would be lower than iPhone 13.

Is iPhone 14 better than iPhone 13?

The legacy of Apple’s iPhone has proved that the newer iPhone release is always powerful, matches the ongoing competitiveness, and embarks on the company's vision. So, the iPhone 14 is undoubtedly a better device than the iPhone 13 series.

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