10 Best Android Development Tools That Every Developer Should Know

10 Best Android Development Tools that Every Developer should know

by Marie Weaver — 4 years ago in Top 10 4 min. read

Android smartphones are used widely all over the world, and now Android development is thriving, showing no signs of decline. According to stats from leading publications such as Forbes and Statista, as of July 2019, there were three billion smartphone users globally, and the Android mobile market share is estimated at 76%.

Android app development is not just limited to smartphones and tablets, instead of expanding to include televisions, connected cars, game consoles, and VR devices. Android development is continually growing and evolving.

Experts are constantly enhancing Android app development with the latest and advanced technologies. Android is supported by a huge ecosystem of active developers and a vast community. Businesses are taking the support of Android app development company to use tools in order to streamline the development process.

There are several tools to simplify the development process and to save time. Here, we will introduce Android development tools that every developer should know.

List of top Android tools – Every Developer Should Know About It

Android Studio

Android Studio is considered as the best android development tool in 2019. In the coming years also, the trend of Android studio will not be outdated. It offers various development process features to the developers.

  • Based on Intellij IDEA, Android Studio offers the quickest possible turnaround on coding and running workflow.
  • Developed by Google and written in Java, Kotlin, C++
  • Android Studio is a powerful tool, designed to code with Java but via plugins can be expanded into other languages also.

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AVD Manager

AVD stands for Android Virtual Device; it is an interface, which helps to bring virtual Android devices for testing purposes. AVD is a pattern which describes features of virtual machines such as

  • Hardware Profile
  • Storage Data
  • Appearance
  • System Image

Developers can launch the interface with Android studio, which helps to manage AVD. It helps in testing before starting the real devices and based on the graphical user interface tool.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack tool helps to bring the professional Android apps as it is a combination of best Android tools and components. It is also considered as a one-stop solution for Android development. This Android tool manages the typical Android development process.

  1. Android Jetpack supports the extensive library and other architecture components.
  2. With the motive to develop high-quality apps with robust and less coding, it is divided into four categories named as
  • Foundation – includes Testing process, Kotlin Support, and backward compatibility.
  • UI – involves emotions, layout, and emoji.
  • Architecture: Navigation, Data Binding, and lifecycles
  • Behavior: Sharing, notification, and preferences

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IntelliJ IDEA

To develop simple Android mobile applications, IntelliJ IDEA is the most preferred choice of the developers. IntelliJ IDEA is a Java IDE with built-in Android support, and additionally, it offers a unique programming environment.

  • IntelliJ IDEA is created by the JetBrains
  • IntelliJ IDEA is written in Java and Kotlin
  • Available in Apache 2, it provides access to various features such as quick code completion, refactoring tools, and on-the-fly code analysis.


AIDE stands for Android IDE, it offers an opportunity to develop the Android mobile applications in your Android Smartphones. AIDE is a straightforward method to develop the Android app.

  • You can proceed with the coding process, but at the same time, developers can run, test, and debug the app and check its functionalities at the moment.
  • This tool doesn’t offer multiple features as other top Android tools Android studio has.
  • It supports various Android apps that are written in Java and c/c++

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B4A refers to Basic for Android; it allows developers to build Android mobile applications using primary programming language. This tool helps to start the development process with an easy and straightforward strategy.

  • Supports user-friendly features such as a visual editor.
  • Offers step by step debugger and UI cloud service to the developers to test the app on real cloud devices.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D tool is specifically developed to build mobile game applications. It can develop two and three-dimensional games with multiple game-specific features.

  • Enable to develop virtual Android apps
  • It is integrated with the blend of features like automating coding, advanced performance, and real-time rendering

Android Architecture Blueprints

Android Architecture Blueprints is known as a collection of architecture patterns and tools which are used for android development. It helps developers to avoid typical architectural errors in the development process.

  • Maintained by Google Developers Team
  • It offers systematic and organized architecture


Often in the development or programming process, specifically in Java and Android applications, some components are integrated, which are unwanted and treated as a garbage collection. They use to utilize the memory, and developers have to face errors such as memory crashes.

  • Leakcanary is a memory leak detection library.
  • Identifies the element or component which is unnecessary.
  • It is developed by the Square Credit Card Processing Development Company’s developers.
  • Leakcanary tool automatically notifies the memory leaks.

Android Developers

Android developers’ platform is the most common and preferable source of Android developers. On this platform, developers can get the solution related to any Android development queries. The components are integrated by Google, which turns this platform free of cost.

It offers information in four parts.

  • Android Developer Guides
  • Android Training courses
  • Android Design Guidelines
  • Google Play Launch Checklist


Android development is rapidly enhancing and evolving new tools and technologies to it regularly. In the above article, we have mentioned the top tools of the Android that developers should know about it. Before, you hire Android developer, make sure that he/she knows about them.

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