Best 10 Email Marketing Tools In 2021

Best 10 Email Marketing Tools in 2021

by Daniel Abbott — 3 years ago in Top 10 8 min. read

As entrepreneurs, we maintain a common goal — to create business for our businesses or customers. We work tirelessly to produce favorable brand awareness, educate customers, and push conversions, whether we are promoting a small business or a Fortune 500 business.

To accomplish this, marketers rely upon an assortment of communication tendencies from email to societal websites which succeed in developing a dialogue between their crowd.

If it comes to company, one manner of communicating stands out from the rest — email. In reality, 73 percentage of millennials favor email as their principal source of business communication, and it is no surprise. From its lightning quick speed and ability to cross boundaries and time zones without difficulty, email virtually opens your company to customers around the globe.

As a promotion alternative, email promoting checks each of the boxes. It is fast, dependable, and economical. Assists in cultivating relationships with consumers or clients and reaches a wide audience.

How Can Email Marketing Tools be Used to Engage Your Audience?

Email marketing can do the following:

  • Educate consumers on new products and services
  • Share industry events and business news
  • Alert consumers of contests and promotions
  • Promote blog content
  • Guide consumers down the sales funnel

The power of email advertising and determining the ideal applications to strengthen your business’ needs is not a simple feat.

Check out these top 10 email marketing tools for 2021 to boost your digital marketing practices.

Best 10 email marketing tools in 2021

1. MailChimp


Among the most popular email advertising platforms, also for good reason, MailChimp doesn’t disappoint. The electronic advertising program comes packed with an wide assortment of features to help construct and participate audiences and convert prospective leads into actual sales.

Four pricing strategies help you discover the ideal plan for the growing company and 24/7 customer support makes onboarding a cinch. It is no surprise MailChimp is trusted by some of the most important and most respected manufacturers.

These features down for your MailChimp:

  • Advanced segmentation to target the ideal audience through every email campaign
  • Automated marketing campaigns to re-engage potential clients or consumers
  • Real time performance tracking that captures how many emails were delivered, the open rate, the click through rate and more

Note: Make it easy to track your email marketing with Mailchimp with the help of this Mailchimp dashboard. You can easily grab essential KPIs like emails sent, open rates, subscribers vs unsubscribers, and more. 

2. ConvertKit


Tutor The People’s Eliza Nimmich opines, “ConvertKit is a comparatively straightforward email advertising tool which bloggers and internet course teachers use nearly exclusively to build their own personal brands.”

“There is no whistles or bells for their stage. It does not have email templates, since ConvertKit enables its customers to send plain-text emails to better their contribution. This is logical as the majority of its customers are people trying to make a own identity, but it will leave ConvertKit a poor-fit for many use cases.”

Pir Fahad Momin of Slyecom also adds, “My favourite attributes of ConvertKit are email designer and email automation because both of these tools save a lot of time and energy.”

These features down for your ConvertKit

  • Easy to use – ConvertKit has helped to electricity blogs and sites. When generating forms, placing a supportive text, and call to action is handily done. Adding forms to the site is simple too, as it’s choices for JavaScript, WordPress Plugin, and HTML,” writes April Green of Days of our Lives.
  • Smooth interface – Green stocks, “The very best thing about ConvertKit is if you produce a sequence, you may easily switch between mails and edit them in one window. There’s not any clicking on multiple pages to create the interface functions easily too.”
  • Easy organization – “The choice of getting tags is a fantastic thing too. With the support of labels, you can arrange your readers without worrying about paying to the identical contributor double,” states Green.

Summing up, Green remarks, “It [ConvertKit] is your ideal tool that simplifies email advertising by mixing automation and a simple to use interface”
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3. Active Campaign


From its own user-friendly interface, for its comprehensive analytics, Lively Campaign is your complete package when it comes to email marketing programs, offering solutions to help marketing, sales, and support professionals, throughout one convenient portal.

The cost-effective platform enables users to recognize the best campaigns via carve A/B testing, while advertising automation allows users”set it and forget it,” streamlining all of your email marketing efforts.

These features down for your Active Campaign

  • A library of attractive pre-designed email templates
  • Event tracking to communicate personalized messages with consumers based on specific interactions
  • Automated sales CRM that helps prioritize leads while tracking every interaction

4. Gist


Streamline your advertising strategies with Gist’s comprehensive email advertising tools. Through their whole selection of email marketing and marketing services and products, users may create standout customer support experiences for your customers.

Its all-purpose alternative — such as marketing automation, live talks, and event monitoring — which makes Gist the ideal platform to enhance your marketing campaigns.

Streamline your advertising strategies with Gist’s comprehensive email advertising tools. Through their whole selection of email marketing and marketing services and products, users may create standout customer support experiences for your customers. Its all-purpose alternative — such as marketing automation, live talks, and event monitoring — which makes Gist the ideal platform to enhance your marketing campaigns.

These features down for your Gist

  • Engage in real-time conversations with consumers through live chat or chat bots
  • Receive leads from multiple channels including social media platforms
  • Save time and increase productivity through inbox automation

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Building a brand is straightforward using Constant Contact email advertising tools. Boost your business with an eCommerce site, create social advertising campaigns, and produce expert marketing and advertising campaigns with easy drag and drop editor tools. See here reviews. Having an astonishing deliverability rate of 97 percent, you may be certain that your email marketing doesn’t go unnoticed!

These features down for your Constant Contact

  • Interactive email campaigns to help you start the conversation with your audience
  • Grow your contact list through custom forms for your website
  • In-depth campaign reporting to help achieve your business objectives

6. HubSpot


HubSpot really literally does it all together with attributes to help both the revenue and promotion of your company. Reach sales goals faster with direct management software, advertising software, and pipeline management applications. The email advertising tools available provide long-lasting ROI and will help you build meaningful connections with customers.

These features down for your HubSpot

  • Email campaigns, social media, and Google analytics, HubSpot offers comprehensive marketing reports for all channels in one location
  • Email workflows to automate tasks and sales processes
  • Content optimization to ensure best SEO practices and improve your Google Ranking every time
  • Create new emails
  •  Navigate through sent, scheduled, drafted, or archived messages
  • Filter by email type or campaign
  • Search for specific emails
  • Export your email information
  • View most recently edited, created, and sent emails with a performance summary
  • Edit columns to show metrics like bounce rate, delivery rate, etc.
  • Quickly access even more tools
  • CRM integration and full marketing automation make Hubspot stand way ahead of its competitors in terms of price to performance in the email marketing domain.”

7. GlueUp


For companies in the event business, it is vital to deploy email marketing programs that give the exceptional support you want to drive ticket sales and increase earnings.

GlueUp is altering the event business with email marketing services that encourage the development of your small business. Previously EventBank, GlueUp excels in providing the tools that you want to make standout occasions easily.

These features down for your GlueUp

  • Create and promote hundreds of events that engage your audience
  • Market and sell webinars and training courses
  • Engage and grow your company’s memberships through GlueUp’s Membership Management Suite
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8. Zoho


Stunning email templates and real time analytics create Zoho an email marketing tool that engages your client base and drives sales.

Zoho’s complete selection of electronic instruments and software helps you to automate your advertising and marketing strategies and boost productivity, and it is merely the tip of the iceberg with this multipurpose program. Marketing, accounting, human resources, and sales — Zoho helps enhance the daily functioning of your business.

These features down for your Zoho

  • A fleet of applications to support all assets of your sales and marketing strategies
  • Transform your email marketing with interactive email campaigns, forms, and landing page builders
  • Identify business opportunities through in-depth performance tracking and metrics

9. Act-On


If you are trying to cultivate your audience, this stage is the best addition to your arsenal of resources. Act-On’s cloud-based application optimizes your client participation, transforming traffic into prospects and sales.

The platform’s remarkable technology helps companies large and small in generating leading brand encounters while working to boost your sales funnel. Bring, participate, and convert traffic using Act-On’s email marketing tools and product suites.

These features down for your Act-On

  • Deliver the perfect message to your segmented audience through automated messaging
  • Enhance audience engagement and drive sales with Act-On’s automated Journey Builder
  • Optimize content for better search engine ranking with the SEO audit tools

10. Sendinblue


Sendinblue supplies all of the advertising support required to increase your organization. Their instinctive email advertising tool permits users to generate powerful email campaigns.

Personalization attributes from segmentation to automation are certain to improve your audiences brand encounter. Besides its email marketing purposes, Sendinblue provides plenty of email marketing tools that have Facebook advertisements and retargeting.

These features down for your Sendinblue

  • Automation workflow templates to increase workplace productivity
  • Drag-and-drop design blocks to create attractive email newsletters
  • Smart scheduling functions to improve email campaign open and click through rates

11. EmailOctopus


Sending bulk email campaigns is simple and affordable with EmailOctopus. It has all the essential features you need to grow your audience and create beautiful campaigns.

Small businesses, bloggers, newsletter creators and authors love the ease of use and the uncluttered dashboard. And the customer support team is highly rated.

Top features in EmailOctopus

  • Customisable landing pages and sign-up forms for growing your mailing list
  • Segmentation for sending more targeted messages to your audience
  • Time-based autoresponders for creating welcome emails and onboarding sequences
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The benefits of Email Marketing

Organizations are searching for professionals with an entire skill set that cuts across subdomains like PPC, societal, email advertising, and much more. Candidates are prioritized should they have exposure to a number of those top marTech sellers and are present with the newest Email marketing best practices.

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