Best Cattle Record Keeping Apps And Websites For Farmers

The Five Best Free Cattle Record Keeping Apps & Software For Farmers/Ranchers/Cattle Owners

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In farming, the animals are considered to be a precious asset for an effective farming output. There are a significant number of processes involved which require determination, effective management of stock, proper attention to feed, record keeping, financial planning, and much more. With the advancement of technology and the availability of cattle record keeping apps and software, farmers can swiftly cut-off time to manage all these tasks in no time.

As in cattle farming, two animal groups are used, one group for food requirements such as milk and another for labor reasons for irrigation, plowing, and so on. It becomes rigid to manage each aspect of a farming job.

With the help of cattle record-keeping apps, plan finances, grazing, record keeping, breeding, livestock, and herd management.

What Are Cattle Record Keeping Apps?

Traditionally, cattle record keeping was carried out manually. Each aspect of cattle farming activities were managed on paper which restrained farmers and cattle managers greatly to focus on cattle farming.

Having a cattle management application by your side could streamline and automate each aspect of the cattle farming process by minimizing manual labor.

Cattle record-keeping apps provide you with an intelligent dashboard to manage every feature straightforwardly. It gives you detailed analytics and data about Cattle management operations.

Hence, this means farmers have in-depth and advanced data for their cattle operations. Additionally, it can help them prevent unnecessary cattle loss and enhance profitability.

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Benefits of Cattle Record Keeping App and Management Software

Cattle record keeping apps offer better livestock management to farmers. Without visiting farms, they can get the data about livestock by tracking them remotely across the farm.

These modern apps also eliminate the stress of taking pen and paper to rectify and modify data. As it gives you the power to track every minor to a critical aspect of cattle at your fingertips, it saves time, money, and stress.

With the best cattle record keeping app, you can get the following advantages for your cattle management.

  • Speedy and secured records of your cattle
  • Fast and complete tracking of your cattle
  • Trackers for health, pregnancy, and calving
  • Ability to track past and current task of your cattle
  • Track basic info about livestock such as breed and sex

Cattle management apps offer more intuitive benefits like ability to check and count the breed and categories them specifically. Ability to add pictures of cattle, can send generated reports to multiple devices, export reports/records to pdf, excel, csv.

What Does Cattle Record Keeping App and Software Provide To Farmers?

A farm owner without cattle record keeping software can experience obstruction at a certain time. It is even possible to lose cattle before knowing what happened to them. Also leading to a long hour on the management of paperwork for effective records in time.

But, having a cattle record keeping application all these obstacles transform into an automation process and give farm owners a stress-free cattle management experience.

The best cattle record keeping software offers pleasant features to owners while providing a complete solution for cattle management. Those are –

1) Better Livestock Management

Livestock management includes tracking animals with their breed, sex, and specifications. On the off chance, an efficient bookkeeping solution and ranch administration make livestock management productive. In addition to this, farmers can see and change data related to origin, health metrics, and events for any animals in the herd.

2) Ranch Management

Cattle farming generally involves an intensive farming style using multiple cattle like cows, ships, and others. For which dense and large space is required for ranch management. Owing to ranch management apps can assist in knowing the population, a number of specific breeds in the particular ranch, and more.

3) Pasture Grazing System

A cattle record keeping app is incomplete without a grazing system that offers the metrics and information about the growing forage; grasses, legumes, and forbs, in rangeland. Integrated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geofencing technologies, it provides information about weather conditions in advance for productive pasture growth.

4) Automation of Feed Mills

Feeding animals could be complicated if you don’t know about breeding and feeding styles. Using cattle record keeping software assists you in acknowledging feed styles and optimum nutrition necessary. You can set a feed schedule to save your daily time on feeding the herd. Also, get the estimated measure of feed mills daily to keep records up-to-date.

Free Cattle Record Keeping Apps For iOS and Android

Listed are some free cattle management applications available for iOS and Android that have been pulled from their respective App Store.

S.No App Name Livestock Cattle Management Platform Availability App Rating
1. My Cattle Manager Yes Yes Android 4.2/5.0
2. Ranchr Yes Yes iOS 4.2/5.0
3. Cattle360 Yes Yes Android 3.5/5.0
4. Livestalk Yes Yes Android NA
5. BovControl Yes Yes Android 3.2/5.0
6. MyFarm Yes Yes Android 3.7/5.0
7. Cattle Check Yes Yes iOS, Android 4.0/5.0
8. DairyCattle Yes Yes Android 4.0/5.0
9. Smart Cow Yes Yes iOs, Android 4.1/5.0
10. Tambero Cattle Management Yes Yes Android 4.0/5.0
11. HerdBoss Yes Yes iOS, Android 4.1/5.0
12. TagMax Cattle Yes Yes iOS, Android 4.1/5.0
13. smaXtec Yes Yes iOS, Android 5.0/5.0
14. Herdbase Yes Yes Android NA
15. Cow Master Yes Yes iOS, Android 4.1/5.0
16. The Herd Yes No iOS, Android 3.0/5.0
17. My Cow Yes No iOS, Android NA
18. Herd Manager Yes No Android NA
19. Farmbrite Yes Yes iOs, Android 5.0/5.0
20. OvinoPro Yes Yes iOs, Android NA

Five Best Cattle Record Keeping Apps and Website For Productive Farming

I have assumed that it is difficult for you to select the best cattle record keeping app for your cattle farming needs.

To help you, I’ve sorted down the list to the five best cattle record keeping software that offers complete cattle farming solutions with expert guides.

These are worldwide famous and mostly being used by ranchers, cattle farmers, and other similar commodities.

1. Farmwizard (Herd Management Software)

Farmwizard cattle record keeping website

Farmwizard is a UK-based herd management software provider to every farmer who is looking to improve dairy herd fertility, save time and maximize profits. The interface gives control to farmers to manage dairy records and pedigree records in a simple and intelligent way. Other than the web, farmers can enjoy cattle record keeping on mobile.


  • Full training and tech support provided
  • Manage multiple herds using 1 system
  • Intelligent dairy manager and pedigree manager
  • Make changes anytime, anywhere via the smartphone app

2. Ranchr (Efficient Cattle Management App)

RANCHr Cattle Records and Ranch Management App

Ranchr is specially built for Ranchers to offer them the most efficient cattle management solutions through an intelligent cattle record keeping app. It offers effective and efficient livestock data to keep track of beef herds in a simple manner. It aims to simplify tracking and managing your livestock without lifting pen and paper.


  • Save time
  • Take decision
  • Stress less
  • Maximize your profit
  • Access anywhere

3. Farmbrite (Cattle Record Keeping Software)

Farmbrite cattle record keeping app

Farmbrite is a farm management software that simplifies ranchers’ toughest work with its organized and improved farm and livestock record-keeping software that gives the ability to plan, track, sell, and improve the cattle business. It is an all-in-one farm solution-based software designed to help modern farmers and ranchers.


  • Simplify Livestock Management
  • Improve Crop Planning, Production and Profits
  • Market & Sell Direct to Farm Customers Online

4. HerdBoss (Beef Cattle Record Keeping Software)

HeardBoss Beef Cattle Record Keeping Software

HerbBoss is the easiest way to manage your herd. It supports hundreds of breeds to keep records in an organized and easy-to-understand manner. Herdboss gives you automated features for report generation. It also offers to track features to know about your breed quickly.


  • Streamline all your animal record keeping
  • Track Sheep, Goats, Dogs, and Cattle
  • Collaborate with your team

5. My Cattle Manager (Cattle Record Keeping App)

My Cattle Manager Livestock farming app

This is an ideal cattle record keeping software and app that offers multiple options to manage cattle farming activity in a simple and intuitive interface with the ability to share with others, print, backup and restore data. Its user-friendly features help you make profitable and manageable cattle farming (dairy and beef business).


  • Create and track cattle events
  • Print the generated reports
  • Get periodic reminders about data entry
  • The app can work entirely offline
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Conclusion: Cattle Record Keeping Apps and Software

Farming is all about decisions! And intensive farming is all about Cattle record keeping apps and software that let ranchers and cattle owners track, manage, and improve the cattle farming business while abolishing the ordinary method of record keeping.

If you’re engaged in cattle farming and tired of manual bookkeeping, try these efficient cattle record keeping apps that will add great value to your entire cattle.

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