6 Benefits Of AI Technology For Law Firms

6 Benefits of AI Technology for Law Firms

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Artificial Intelligence 4 min. read

Have you heard the buzz? Data is expanding incredibly quickly in the modern world. The analysis of that massive data store requires an enormous amount of time, even though the information contained there is comparably extensive and useful—especially for the practice of law.

What benefits might these implementations of AI provide for your law firm? We’ll go over the six main advantages of using AI solutions in law firms in this article.

These advantages all relate to one another, as you’ll discover. In order to do their work more quickly and save time, lawyers must be more creative and less stressed. When these two factors are together, the cycle is restarted.

1. AI Enhances The Logical and Organizational Structure

Lawyers can more rapidly find weaknesses or gaps in their documents, including in their legal assessments, with the use of automatic document comparison and organizing. For instance, programs that analyze contracts can find terms or meanings that are missing from well-known contract types after learning from the frequent analysis.

In a similar spirit, document analysis can reveal a logical thread that hasn’t quite been cemented in a legal memorandum, allowing lawyers to go back and improve their weak points.

Both documents benefit from intelligent software that maintains the internal organization and enables attorneys to easily navigate between various levels and perspectives, improving the overall structure and logical flow of the document.

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2. AI Improves The Ability to Analyze Ideas Creatively

AI frees up the time and mental energy of attorneys for higher-level work by automating document quality control, review, and research. This fosters innovation, enabling lawyers to offer distinctive value and entirely concentrate on the tasks that computers are unable to accomplish.

Increased trust in outcomes also allows lawyers the leeway they need to take chances and consider different strategies. California Law Firm experiments with different fact patterns or legal analyses using legal research software to determine the most effective course of action.

Comparisons between cases in other states or between state and federal courts don’t need to be done by laboriously (and wearisome) scanning over the course of days.

3. AI Saves Time

Saving time is the main and most obvious advantage of AI applications. Computer systems can evaluate information more extensively and in less time than people can.

Naturally, the time reductions can result in financial savings as discovering solutions and recognizing errors takes less time from the attorney or staff. The expense of new technology can be swiftly offset by those savings, which can then be passed on to customers.

California law firms typically review numerous contracts, analyze them, and provide comments and redlines to clients.

Consider a company with thousands of contracts that have been examined and for which you must maintain a record of the terms of payment, renewal, expiration, and other information. Such jobs can be effectively completed by AI in a law company.

4. Accurate Result Prediction

In order for their clients to decide whether they want to pursue the lawsuit or choose an out-of-court settlement, lawyers typically have to forecast the outcomes.

To predict the results of ongoing cases, machine learning models are being developed by AI developers. A tax law-focused AI-based legal prediction engine is being developed by several businesses. They assert that their AI tool can predict the results of ongoing cases with a 90% accuracy rate.

The way law firms manage cases will alter as a result of these AI capabilities. These tools will be used by law firms to create litigation strategies, expedite settlement discussions, and reduce the number of cases that go to trial.

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5. Remote Workspace

Nearly all businesses have adopted remote working practices since the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly during the lockdown. The same applies to law firms. The pandemic has compelled the legal sector to alter court procedures and run entirely digitally, and AI has assisted lawyers in carrying out their duties remotely.

The experts in a firm can now view papers from their homes and schedule a video meeting to discuss and settle a case.

Video conferencing tools, e-signature, law practice management software, time and billing software, and communication software were the most popular remote-working tools that businesses purchased as a result of the epidemic. The following methods and tools have been employed by law firms to do their tasks.

6. Automatic Reminders

Legal automation involves breaking down tasks or procedures that are typically handled by lawyers and integrating some of those components into technology. Complex, high-volume work, and routine, repetitive tasks are the most commonly automated legal tasks.

These tasks are most frequently automated in high-volume data collecting, review, repeatable processes, and document preparation. If you want to address standard form letters in a different way, think about employing mail merging software. To remember court dates, use an automatic tickler or reminder system.

However, the uses of legal automation have become more sophisticated, ranging from filtering massive document review sets during litigation to extracting important terms from contracts in due diligence processes.

Another area of law that could benefit from AI is the recent trend among lawyers to automate the drafting of legal contracts and crucial steps in the negotiation process.

The Bottom Line

By using AI, lawyers will have more time and patience to advise their clients and do a better job. It may be said that implementing AI in law companies can give the firm positive impetus, assisting lawyers in working more efficiently.

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