What Is Call Tracking Software And How Does It Work?

What is Call Tracking Software and How Does it Work?

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

If you’ve never used a call tracking software before, it’s time to rectify that shortcoming and learn about the potential of this marketing tool.

When a customer dials up a call, they expect to get a high-quality and personalized service, get feedback or resolve an issue in little to no time. Sure, customer support is a whole other story. But with the right call tracking software in place, enterprises and startups alike can enhance the customer experience, increase their revenue, and boost conversion rates.

Let’s examine call tracking in more detail and discover how it can impact your business growth.

Call Tracking Software Explained

Call tracking software is, essentially, a call intelligence tool used by marketing and sales experts to streamline their call campaigns and drive more high-quality leads. On top of that, the software allows to effectively manage every incoming call, get crucial call details, and define the customer journey.

For instance, when businesses try Phonexa – an all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more – they get an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of call campaigns accurately and discover critical call data they weren’t able to uncover without the call tracking software.

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How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Call tracking gets attribution for inbound calls by utilizing trackable phone numbers.

What is a tracking number? It’s a unique number assigned to a specific marketing initiative. But don’t confuse it with your business number. Trackable phone numbers are only used to help companies attribute calls and lead to particular online or offline marketing efforts.

It’s not uncommon for brands to test or launch multiple campaigns. In this case, businesses can use dynamic number insertion. It’s a technology that allows using several different trackable phone numbers across marketing campaigns and identifying the best-performing ones.

Trackable numbers can be used on landing pages, Google Ads, websites, or across offline and online campaigns.

It’s no secret that marketers strive to get detailed attribution. Call tracking software is the most effective way to determine what prompted the calls, where the inbound calls originated, and whether these calls resulted in sales.

In a way, call tracking acts as a third eye for marketers, helping to measure the impact of phone calls and optimize their ad campaigns and budget allocation.

Benefits of Utilising a Call Tracking Software

Every successful marketing campaign indicates business growth. For enterprises, relying on call tracking implies making the most of every marketing channel, getting valuable data, and leveraging deep insights into what drives the calls.

But that’s hardly everything a call tracking software has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at how call tracking can help you scale your business.

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Expand Business Boundaries

As a marketer, you’re probably always on the lookout for technologies and tools that deliver insights into marketing campaigns. With call tracking, you can collect data that reveal crucial information about callers, like their location, call duration, and key demographics.

Ultimately, call tracking tools help startups and small companies optimize their marketing efforts and leverage their business growth potential.

Optimize Spending

Utilizing effective marketing solutions guarantees revenue growth and business scalability. Every company needs to navigate the marketing technology landscape and have all the necessary tech in place to fulfill the mission.

One of the critical factors that can impact your business growth is efficient budget allocation. That brings us to the question of how companies can fine-tune their marketing output and yield even better results. That’s when call tracking comes into play.

Implementing a call tracking solution can help businesses see the whole picture and get closed-loop attribution. With access to call data and data-analyzing resources, marketers can optimize their ad spending, as well as test and map out future strategies aimed at revenue growth.

Improve ROI

Customer data is the lifeblood of any marketing initiative. That’s why a successful business is now defined by the marketing approaches and relationships with customers. In other words, data-driven marketing is the only way to succeed.

Call tracking grants access to customer data that inform brands on the audience’s latest trends, needs, and wants. Additionally, it allows tapping into future behavior patterns of your customers and developing personalized campaigns. Equipped with this knowledge and marketing tools, companies can achieve high ROI instantly.

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Facilitate Decision Making

Let’s face it: without relevant and accurate data, marketers can’t make educated decisions. When used with a call analytics solution, call tracking helps not only to get more context on lead data but also to make data-backed predictions. That, in turn, enables companies to exploit new marketing opportunities and refine the decision-making process.

Conclusion: Call Tracking Software

For businesses that heavily rely on close communication with clients or customer acquisition through phone calls, implementing a call tracking software is a must.

With the robust call tracking solution in place, brands can measure the impact of marketing initiatives, generate more high-quality leads, handle high call traffic volumes, and transform their business.

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