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10 Easy Things to Try to Reactivate Your Email Marketing

by Jay Potter — 4 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

Many companies consider their email subscriber list as one of their most important assets. With a good list of subscribers, you have the opportunity to connect with potential customers when you have new valuable information to promote.

Email lists are also dynamic and tend to deteriorate rapidly, some studies estimate that 25% of email addresses change or are deleted every year. But you have the opportunity to re-link emails through “re-activation” or “re-connection” messages that help you boost relationships with the most passive users of your database. You may be interested in this other article with tips for creating effective commercial emails.

A good re-activation day trading tips email can arouse the interest of your contacts to restart the relationship dynamics with you. As with other digital marketing actions, it is not that simple and requires planning, because if it does not work well you can end up getting more subscription cancellations.

There is no magic and unique formula since it depends on many factors, but if you try different actions and review the results well and you can optimize your list.

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Here are some tips that you can easily try in your email marketing strategy:

  • The Previous Text

This is a fundamental element that generally pays little attention. Think that many of your users check their email from devices or platforms that show a short text as a summary, a good previous text can be key to incentivize the action of opening and awakening interest to continue reading more.

  • Email Personalization

As mentioned in a day trading made easy platform, it seems obvious, but it is not used so much. Getting results is closely linked to personalization, at least with the “name” field of the recipient, because it will help you get attention without generating the fear of thinking that you have too much data about them.

  • Allow Them to Review Their Email Preferences

Surely you will ever make the mistake of sending emails to people who did not subscribe to them, so it is good to redirect them to email preferences and show them that they have control and also give them the opportunity to remember why they subscribed. Not only do you have to do it because you are bound by the GDPR, but also because of transparency with your contacts.

  • Includes a call to Action Featured

Most of the emails that are sent and launched without a clear objective, or multiple of them are mixed, because we want to get many things at once, with all our contacts at the same time (does it sound like you? Surely you’ve seen something like that in your inbox), it is better to focus on a single objective and help the conversion by adding a CTA (call to action) that takes the user to a landing page with clear, concise and convincing text.

  • Surprise Him

The technique of offering your inactive email contacts a big surprise, based on their previous purchases, preferences or interests, allows you to offer a message with perceived value for your contact and will find it difficult to resist interacting with your email message.

  • Send Useful Content

The people on your mailing lists, have to deal with everyday problems, need to get performance from the information you send them, try to offer useful content that offers value for your product or service, that way you help them and they will also be grateful to reactivate the relationship with you.

  • Offer a gift

It is difficult to resist a gift, the challenge is to offer something that generates a positive effect on the action. Every company is a like a day trading made easy platform, you are responsible for a commercial or marketing department, you know your audience better than anyone else and you know how you can re-hook them to your brand, be creative!

  • Show the benefits of interacting with you

We would like to be more recognized, but in general, many people will not remember who you are, even if it is hard for us to admit it, we are just one more of a big market. You may need to remember what benefits your contact can get from maintaining a relationship with you.

  • Send an Invitation for an Exclusive Activity

People feel good when we show them that they are important to us and offer them some exclusivity. If you direct your email towards things like a survey about a new product, some collaborative action, special event, a free class, etc., you will be showing that you care and really value it.

  • Add Buttons to Share on Social Networks

If you are trying to reactivate your contacts with a special offer, coupons or valuable content, social media sharing buttons are mandatory.

This gives your contacts the opportunity to reconnect with your business through a social conversion that will help them remember and search your emails on future occasions. There is a formula that does work:

Greater conversion = day trading tips + Appropriate audience + Timely moment

Although you can learn a lot about your sales opportunities and customers over time, it’s not always easy to predict how they will react to emails. Some people simply hate email marketing and resist whenever they can, but most can be persuaded to find value in them if it is really worth opening them.

By testing these things and combining it with other segmentation actions and efforts to optimize the email marketing strategy, you can reduce the wear and tear of your contact database by reactivating a large part of those that were most inactive.

Jay Potter

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