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Crypto Trading Secrets Unveiled: The Hidden World of Pump and Dump Groups

by Micah James — 8 months ago in Blockchain Technology 3 min. read

Over the last few years, crypto trading secrets have experienced a rapid rise in popularity. The value of digital currencies has made them extremely profitable for both investors and speculators. The crypto markets are plagued by scams that include pumping up and then dumping prices.

These channels are attractive to new investors, who don’t pay attention to the promise that they will see a rapid return on their investment through steady and incremental growth. According to crypto pump and dump, group reviews posted at, they usually walk away from these investors with nothing, or worse, they wind up losing money due to scams and other failed investments.

This article is based on Safetrading experts and will deeply dissect the phenomenon known as a crypto pump or dump group. You’ll learn how they are recognized and avoid becoming entangled. Let’s get started…

What does “Pump-and-Dump” Actually Mean?

Pump-and-dump groups are groups that engage in pump-and-dump activities. Pump-and-dump tactics can artificially increase the value of a coin. Once the promotion ends, the asset’s value immediately drops. They will likely share information about a forthcoming blockchain project. The channels will use social media to spread information about the project, which will greatly increase the number of followers.

Another group will then create Telegram pump groups. These services will often have thousands of members and only advertise one coin at a given time. The group members will then bombard the chat with questions about the price of the cryptocurrency and the project. As more people sign up for the chat and ask questions, the value of the initiative and cryptocurrency will continue to rise.

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Why are Con Artists Using Groups That Dump Victims’ Money and Pump It Up?

Pump and dump groups are used by con artists for many different reasons. It’s quick and easy. Pump-and-dump companies can help investors with moderate knowledge make quick money.

Participants do not need to have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency trading in order to participate. Pump-and-dump platforms can be used by scammers to hide money. After using this method of stealing money from many people, scammers can quickly move on to another scheme and “pump and dump” a project before moving on to the next plan.

The Risks Involved in Investing in Pump and Dump Groups

We’ve already covered the positive aspects associated with pump and dump groups. Let’s now look at the negatives.

  • Marketing hype and fraudsters: This is the first issue you need to pay attention to. All members of the pump and dump group are hyped up.
  • Phony Profiles & Identity Theft: Be sure to examine fake profiles and identity theft that are associated with pump groups.
  • Buying and selling: Another suspicious activity often associated with pump groups is the rapid buying or selling of cryptocurrency.

Trading Groups vs. Pump & Dump Groups

Often, trading groups and pump-and-dump groups are mistakenly referred to as one another. Trading channels are services that allow traders to discuss and exchange advice on various aspects of trading.

There are two distinct groups: the pump and the dump. These groups are social media hype campaigns that use social media to promote a cryptocurrency’s worth. These campaigns are designed to increase interest in cryptocurrency.

What Actions Should You Take If You Find Yourself in A Pump-and-Dump Situation?

If you are involved in pumping or dumping, you should not participate. It is amazing how many people are taken in by pump-and-dump groups. This may seem like common sense. If you are in a group that involves pumping or dumping, don’t panic.

Keep your cool and follow these steps:

  • You must first remind yourself to not panic by saying, “Don’t panic!”
  • Keep your cool: This is the second thing you should do.
  • Take Notes: This is the third step that you should take.
  • Notify law enforcement of fraudsters: This is the last step to inform authorities about the scammers.

The Last Words

Pump and dump operations can make quick and easy profits. However, there is a risk of being defrauded or tricked by fake profiles and having your identity stolen.

If you are in a group that involves pumping or dumping, don’t panic. Remember that these groups are designed to instill fear in their members. It is important to keep your cool and record everything that happens. This will help you to maintain your safety.

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