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Windows 10 Mobile is dead: Switch to iOS or Android, Microsoft says

by Alex Noah — 5 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 Mobile, previously known as Windows Phone, also implied that consumers change to iOS or Android tablets.

First seen from, the webpage shows the organization’s plans to end down the smartphone platform. At last.

Windows 10 Mobile consumers on the most recent variant 1709 will no longer get new security upgrades, non-security hotfixes, free aided service options, or online technical information upgrades beginning December 10, 2019. Microsoft explained that third parties or compensated service programs may persist, but cautioned that it doesn’t openly offer patches or updates for the stage.

Meanwhile, the Windows 10 Mobile apparatus on variant 1703 will likely be confirmed until June 11.

Following the conclusion of service, manual and automatic creation of new apparatus copies for configurations and a few programs will last for three weeks to March 10, 2020. Some providers, such as image uploads and apparatus recovery through copies, will keep working for up to 12 weeks.

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The continuing use for your smartphone, though, will take more risk since there’ll be no more security updates, and also services like recovery from backups will gradually phase out.

With support end in under a year, everything if Windows 10 Mobile users perform? Microsoft is advocating a change to an iOS or Android apparatus.

“Microsoft’s mission statement to enable every individual and every company in the world to reach more compels us to encourage our Mobile programs on these programs and devices,” the service page states. Microsoft’s Office products are offered for the two iOS and Android, or so the business will still have an existence in smartphones after Windows 10 Mobile shuts down. It would be smart to change to some other apparatus before Windows 10 Mobile service finishes.

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It’s thought to be a folding smartphone, and this is seemingly the next phase in cellular evolution as firms like Samsung and Huawei ready to launch these apparatus.

Alex Noah

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