How To Increase Site Speed To Improve SEO Results

How to increase Site speed to improve SEO results

by Daniel Abbott — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Among the many SEO techniques used by many experts, one that stands out is the optimization of site speed. It’s one of the hundreds of things considered as a ranking factor by Google.

However, site speed is more important than people think. In fact, many SEOs would basically repeat themselves when they say that site speed is a huge thing for websites.

Think of it this way, a slow website will absolutely repel people who find it. That’s because people nowadays want to get information as fast as possible.

The faster your website, the more people will consume your content.

Site Speed is a major SEO ranking factor. But what exactly is it and how does it improve your SEO score? Check out this article to learn more about it!

What is Website Speed

In the most basic of terms, site speed is how slow or how fast your speed loads once it has been chosen by people. It is how fast your website loads itself up and is one of the most used SEO technique for ranking.

The site speed relies directly on how clean the coding of the website is. The cleaner and more refined it is, the faster it will load. the more crowded it is, the more processes have to be done before the website fully loads.

There are many tools that can help you identify the overall score for your site speed such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights and third-party evaluators like

The most common unit of measurement for site speed is the “Time to First Byte” or how long it takes for your browser to receive the first byte of information from the webserver.

In totality, site speed talks about how long it takes for your page or website to fully load in someone’s phone or desktop.

Now that we’ve defined what it is, what exactly can it do to help optimize your website?
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Reduce Bounce Rates

Nobody likes a slow website even if they’re an avid fan of the brand. A slow website is a big turn off to anyone and everyone who is surfing the net.

Truth be told, everyone is in somewhat of a hurry most of the time. That’s because time is more important than ever.

A website that takes six seconds to load will take away six seconds of a person’s life. A website that takes two seconds to load will only take two seconds of a person’s life. To many, four seconds can mean the difference between a conversion or not.

The faster a website, the less likely visitors to your website will click away in the first few seconds.

This is equally important for eCommerce websites, blogs, service providers, and basically all other kinds of websites.

A slow website will almost always lead to potential visitors choosing to look for a faster one. One that will give them the information that they need right away.

Improve User Experience

Imagine this, a user visits a website and waits for more than 10 seconds for it to load. Every time that they had to look up another page takes another 10 seconds.

That ensures two things.

First, the website is basically wasting 10 seconds of their user’s time because of the speed in which the website is loading.

Second, it prevents them from looking up more pages, products, or content with the time that they’re willing to commit to searching that website.

Their whole experience is slowed down and is not enjoyable nor productive.

In the end, they probably won’t find what they’re looking for.

For fast websites, however, those that take 1 to 3 seconds to load provide information faster and make the user’s experience more compact and cleaner.

As above, that ensures two things.

First, the website will only waste 1 to 3 seconds every time a webpage is loading.

Second, the user has more time to browse more pages and other forms of content.

This will also spawn another thing, which is that the users will be happy and satisfied with the content that they found on the website. When that happens, they either become repeat visitors or better, a qualified lead for businesses.
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Key Takeaway

You may have the most beautiful website with the most optimal designs for user experience, and the best content in the world. But it takes minutes to load, then nobody will have the patience to wait for it.

Site speed is one of the most significant factors to SEO because it basically dictates whether or not users will continue into your website.

Make sure that your website is as fast as it can possibly go so that you will not repel potential visitors before they even enter your website!

The faster your website is, the better the leads, the more traffic, and the more visible it will be on the Internet!

Daniel Abbott

Daniel Abbott is editor in chief & research analyst at The Next Tech. He is deeply interested in the moral ramifications of new technologies and believes in leveraging the data scientist, research and content enhancement to help build a better world for everyone.

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