Top 7 Strength Training Exercises For Women

Top 7 Strength Training Exercises For Women

by Daniel Abbott — 3 years ago in Health 5 min. read

There are plenty of exercise routines that burn a lot of calories and build flexibility. If losing fat and burning calories is your only goal, then probably HIIT or Zumba session can be your good bet. But, if you are looking for more, then nothing can beat a strength training routine.

Apart from letting you burn calories, it also makes you stronger. Better muscle strength can help you combat or at least support age-related problems like osteoporosis and decreased bone density in women.

Don’t stop trying just because you’ve hit the wall. Progress is progress no matter how small.

Many women have a misconception that strength training exercises will pump their muscles so their bodies may look bulky. Contrary to this conception, building muscles and getting bulk takes years of hard training, supplied by calorie surplus food and a lot of other supplementation and maybe steroids.

A good routine and a minor calorie deficit in your diet can make you look more sculpted and lean. Remember to back your exercise with quality nutrition and supplementation like rad 140 Canada if you are looking to build more muscles.

Your fitness goal can be anything ranging from lean muscles to gaining curves; strength training exercises can be your best bet in achieving them both.

Here are some fantastic strength training exercises that can help you achieve your targets in no time.

Top 7 Strength Training Exercises For Women

1. Flat barbell bench press

Flat barbell bench press

Exercises as bench press are basic compound movements that engage and strengthen the upper body muscles, including back, chest, triceps, front deltoids, and shoulders. The bench press is a  basic push exercise that helps prepare the muscle for handling everyday push movements.
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For the bench press exercise, one needs to lie on a flat bench, carefully laying flat on the back with a neutral spine. Then, lift the barbell from the chest towards the ceiling, forming a strong push movement and carefully bringing it back along with the breathwork. Repeat the movement, diving into sets and repetitions according to your strength.

2. Squat


It is one of the most comprehensive exercises that work on multiple muscles like your legs and hips, engages your core, and your upper body. Ground rules for a squat position are standing with your legs, shoulder-width apart, and hands stretched forward.

Let your chest out and tighten your core as you lower your hip.  Seat as low as you can. Making sure that your knees do not extend your feet. Push your weight on your heels as you rise. Once you are comfortable with bodyweight squat you can gradually add weight.

Adding some variations to your squatting position like sumo squats or back squats can be your next level move. Squatting gives maximum results when executed with stability and following the right form.

3. Lunge


Lunges are one of the most popular strength training exercises for women as it works on building sculpted thighs and calves engaging glutes, hamstrings, and quad muscles. It helps in bringing overall fitness and increases athletic performance.

Step forward with one leg and lower your hips bringing the front thigh parallel to the ground while trying to touch your other knee to the ground. There are multiple variations you can add to your lunges like walking lunges that require a great deal of stability and coordination. You can hold dumbbells and gradually add weights once you are comfortable with your bodyweight lunges.

 4. One arm dumbbell rowing

One arm dumbbell rowing

All kinds of rowing exercises are known as pull exercises that focus on push movement in chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles. Dumbbell rowing is a fantastic upper muscle exercise that tones your back and your arms simultaneously.
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It reduces your back fatigue and prepares you for compound movements like deadlifts and squats. Since women are prone to back problems, inculcating a back exercise in their routine will help them strengthen their back and spine.

 5. Push-up


Pushup exercise might sound to be one of the most popular exercises to strengthen the upper body and you might have seen people perform it at many events. However, easy it may look, a push-up exercise takes a lot of strength and stability.

It is a complete exercise that engages your core as well as back muscles and legs. It imparts flexibility to the shoulder that can help protect against rotator cuff injury.

You can do a push-up exercise by pushing your chest down from a plank position and again rising with the help of your arms and can bend your elbows for better ground stability. one can may find multiple variations for this exercise that you can gradually deploy to add more flexibility.

6. Lateral Raises

Lateral Raises

Our hands and our shoulders help us in carrying everyday activities. Women, in particular, require immense arm strength as she primarily holds the baby between the arms while feeding them. Lateral raises reduce the fat flab your arms toning them along with better muscle strength.

Stand with legs, shoulder-width holding the appropriate weights in your hands. Gradually lift the weight horizontally and bring them back keeping your spine straight. Repeat with the desired number of repetitions and set.

7. Pull-Overs

pull-overs exercise

Another compound movement that is pull movement comprehensively strengths the entire back muscles, chest, and arms.

It prepares the body for pull movements and brings flexibility to your upper body. To do pullovers, lie flat on a bench holding an appropriate weight with both your hands extending them backward over your head. Now slowly pull the weight back to your chest.
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The bottom line.

Whether you go for compound exercises (exercises that engage more than one muscle group) or isolation exercises targeting one group of muscles at a time, you are ultimately toning up your body.

So, one of the biggest benefits of strength training exercises is you can plan it according to your own convenience and make it interesting. Not only will you walk out with a better-structured physique, but also prepare your body to handle age-related problems better.

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