What Is The Difference Between Growth And Development

What is the Difference between Growth and Development

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Development 2 min. read

The expression growth and growth are frequently used interchangeably but it’s worth while to remember the distinction that is made between them at least to understand why they’re so frequently used collectively.

The expression growth suggests a gain in dimension. When a human body or some of its components is described as with expansion it normally means it is now big and thicker. It’s thus that we talk of development of arms, mind, muscles along with the entire body generally.
Also read: Spotify User? Guide To Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription Growth means increase or addition in size, height, length or weight and can be measured. Development means change in shape, form or structure so as to improve in working or functioning.

The D ifferences between Growth and Development are given below:
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1) Development is utilized in purely physical conditions; it normally refers to alter in size, duration, height and weight of a person. Changes from the qualitative aspects come in the domain of expansion.

2) Development is just one of those facets of developmental procedure.

3) Growth clarifies the modifications that occurs particularly element of their human body and behavior of an organism.

4) Development doesn’t persist through life, it ceases when adulthood was attained.

5) The modifications made by expansion on the topic of Measurement. They could possibly be measured.

6) Development might or might not bring growth. A kid may grow (in terms of weight) by getting fat but his expansion might not bring some practical development (qualitative change) or growth.


1) Development suggests overall changes in contour, form or construction leading to improved functioning or working. It signifies that the changes in the character or quality as opposed to in qualitative aspects.
2) growth is a broader and detailed term; it pertains to general changes in the person. Growth is just one of its facets.

3) Development clarifies the modifications in the organism as a’ complete and doesn’t record changes in elements.

5) Development suggests improvement in working and behavior and thus brings quantifiable alterations.

6) Development is also possible without expansion because we see from the instances of some kids they don’t gain concerning height, size or weight but they do undergo practical advancement or improvement in Physical, Social, psychological or intellectual facets.

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