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How Blockchain Technology Will Help Advertisers to Find Customer’s Attention?

by Alex Noah — 5 years ago in Blockchain Technology 2 min. read

The area of marketing has changed a good deal from the past century. Nowadays, consumers are much less concentrated and attention spans are in an all-time low cost. In these tough times, blockchain has surfaced as a fantastic facilitator for its transformation of advertisements these days.

Unlike conventional modes of advertisements that were barely good at engaging audiences, blockchain-based advertisements can’t just help activate the flow of data but also help develop a repository for advertisers to use, enhancing their campaigns’ efficacy.

1. Solving the Issue of Visibility & Care with Blockchain

Blockchain-based marketing campaigns help to create a structure that is structured, using a streamlined flow of data between consumers and advertisers. Blockchain relies on intelligent contracts which are capable of finishing an activity when certain essential requirements are satisfied. In the event of marketing, this technology may be utilised to fix the issue of visibility and customers’ short attention spans.

When a viewer takes this ailment in anticipation of their reward, the market becomes listed in the kind of a wise contract. Advertisers will have the ability to assess if consumers are paying attention when they meet a specific condition exhibited for them following an ad, and consequently, users obtain their reward, which makes them prone to see advertisements.

2. Real-time Info Sharing will probably be a Breeze

With the support of intelligent contracts, sharing info will be much quicker, simpler, and more compact than ever. As an example, a wise arrangement between two parties, like an advertiser and a customer, just gets satisfied when both parties finish their portion of the contract.

As an instance, while advertisers may display applicable advertisements based on customer’s interests and likes, the customer can agree to get updates regarding the newest in real time in exchange for a blockchain token, such as a Bitcoin. Although this incentivized advertising theory isn’t new, smart contracts make it much easier to maintain a trusted record of these trades between advertisers and audiences, raising the efficacy and monitoring of campaigns.

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3. Interest-based & Banners Advertising will be efficient

From the realm of this blockchain, each bit of advice an advertiser can collect will be firsthand info; i.e., clients voluntarily share information regarding their tastes, age, gender, interests, etc.. Rather than depending on third-party resources, clever contracts and blockchain will enable advertisers to immediately target curious buyers, who have entered into a wise contract after remaining connected with brands and opting to find prospective info.

This will enhance engagement and ensure that customers aren’t bombarded with replicate info and advertisements since all information flow is going to be supported by clever contracts.

4. Better rewards sharing with end-consumers

The blockchain is an electronic ledger of trades, which makes it much easier for advertisers to assess if customers are paying attention for their own advertisements. Should they fulfill the requirements laid out into their contracts that are smart, e.g. sharing their own place and pursuits after viewing an advertisement, they’ll be rewarded in return. Blockchain can help confirm if users finish tasks and make certain real-time supply of loyalty bonuses and payments.
At each level, advertisers will have the ability to observe how customers interact with their own brand.


From the realm of blockchain invention, the chances for advertisements are immense. By embedding intelligent contracts into marketing campaigns, objectification and accomplishment will be a lot easier to record and examine, unlike conventional marketing methods that lack monitoring.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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